Mary's Land Farm:

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in Beautiful Maryland

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Howard County, Maryland lies Mary’s Land Farm: a 160-acre haven of sustainable agriculture. In 2014, Tom Cunningham, wife, 6 children, 1 dog and 1 horse, acquired the land and poured their hearts and souls into it, transforming it into a vibrant ecosystem that goes beyond organic principles.

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Mary's Land Farm

Beyond Organic, Toward a Regenerative Future:

We believe in creating a balanced, thriving environment that nourishes both the land and our community. Our focus is on perennials and diverse pastures, maximizing food production while minimizing our environmental footprint. We strive to conserve water through swales and berms, reduce fossil fuel dependence, and treat our livestock with respect.

Mary's Land Farm

Bountiful Provisions From Our Land:

From the sun-kissed fields and contented pastures, we bring you a bounty of fresh, flavorful produce. Savor the juicy sweetness of our seasonal vegetables, the robust earthiness of our free-range meats (chicken, pork, beef, lamb), and the golden goodness of our duck and chicken eggs. Soon, as our perennial plants mature, we’ll also offer an array of nuts, berries, grapes, and fruits for your table

Mary's Land Farm

Beyond the Farm:

Our commitment extends beyond our own borders. We support local farmers by offering their specialty items in our Farm Store, including dairy products, ferments, honey, jams, and herbal goods.

Mary's Land Farm

A Personal Note from Thomas Cunningham

My journey to Mary’s Land Farm began in the 1970s, working with my father in agriculture. But it was the birth and tragic loss of our seventh child, John Paul, that truly awakened me to the impact of our environment on health. His hospice nurse’s observation about the rise of Trisomy 18 children sparked a fire within me. I knew I had to make a change.

The questions from health-conscious customers about our eggs were another catalyst. “Are they soy-free? Are they organic?” These queries forced me to confront the reality of our food system and its potential consequences. Was I feeding my family “stones” instead of “bread”?

These experiences led me to a profound realization: We must provide our families with the best, most wholesome food possible. And that meant taking control of what we eat. So, we bought a farm.

This journey has been a constant learning process, filled with triumphs and missteps. But with each sunrise, we refine our practices, embracing sustainability and ethical farming. We are proud to share this labor of love with you and invite you to join us on this path to a healthier, more vibrant future.

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We apply standards that go beyond organic principles resulting in the best quality food for ourselves and the community.